Thanks my friend. I can’t believe how long the effects of abuse linger, but as a survivor I clearly see how easily sins and dysfunction are carried from one generation to the next. I don’t really know how our family gets beyond this. My dad actually supported his nieces and nephews more than he supported his own kids thanks to my mom withholding visitation rights which is why we both are shocked at how terrible the family has behaved after my grandmother’s death. I’m not sure how these people forget all the money, all the celebrations my dad hosted for their kids, all the support, all the money given for good grades in school. Just goes to show you not everyone appreciates moral and financial support. In any event, I hadn’t spoken to my dad for a year. I stayed for a few days and we celebrated his birthday. He feels alone now that his mother is gone and he would like to have a better relationship with his immediate family.

I’m going to try (again). I think something will be different now, but I’m still a little skeptical. I dislike drama, and my peeps are full of it. The funeral got my dad and kids to get together and put all the nonsense aside. Hopefully, it will last. My dad seems pretty much done with his siblings. Its a sad ending and a new beginning. Stay tuned…

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