Thanks Nancy Snyder for your feedback. I don’t necessarily feel sorry for her. The more I watch the repeats of Mrs. Kavanaugh sitting behind her husband, I agree she knows exactly what kind of man she married. I don’t really know much about her, but I feel like while she may have signed up to be the “kept wife,” nobody signs up to have their asses handed to them in such a fashion.

Nobody wants their dirty laundry put out in this fashion. And even if she hitched her giddy up to Kavanaugh’s “man-on-the-move” wagon. I’m sure she never in her wildest dreams figured into the equation her husband’s past would come back to haunt her and her daughters. For this, I have empathy.

I agree, when we marry or decide to enter into long-term relationships, we have some idea of what we are getting ourselves into. Sometimes, we get more than we bargained for, and this is one of those cases. People get greedy sometimes, especially when they were able to get away past bad behavior. If I were him, I would have been happy to have made it as far as I had, and sat on that bench smiling to my grave…but noooooo

Because he got passes, he expected more. Now, his entire family is paying the price. Thanks for reading, and I totally get your point. It’s hard to feel sorry for some of these women who enable predators and sociopaths.

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