Thanks Sam. I feel like a collapse would be okay as well. We may catch a little more hell than we already are, but it’s nothing we haven’t already encountered before. We spend billions in local, state, and federal taxes as the largest consuming segment in the world. Our monies go to help build nice schools for little White kids to go to, repair dams and roads White people drive on, pay employees in government jobs we can’t attain for ourselves, pay White tenured college professors via state and federal taxes, pay White cops to over police and kill us, we pay our racist White political representatives who refuse to acknowledge or represent our interests and the list goes on.

We pay taxes but we don’t get very little fruit from our labor. Reparations for Blacks or other people of African descent globally are incalculable. From the Caribbean to South America to Africa, it’s impossible to determine the costs of our losses. Just because this nation can’t doesn’t mean it shouldn’t try. And you’re correct, reparations isn’t so much about money as it is about institutional reforms, outside oversight, and representation that reflects America 2019.

If unqualified, incompetent, and corrupt White people can run this nation for centuries, why can’t someone else have the opportunity to be better than that? In any event, a collapse would suit me just fine. When you’re already at the bottom you don’t have that far too fall.

Our taxes should be used to care for us just like they are used to take care of Whiteness, no questions asked.

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