Thanks Sherry for your feedback. You give me lots of things to think about. I agree, there is no such thing as a perfect candidate, and we really shouldn’t be looking for one. I myself am happy with a good candidate, a realistic person who is human.

Let’s talk about President Obama, Obama, Obama. Here is a dynamic that White feminists and many White people tend to not consider, but we Blacks must think about it each time a Black candidate is set before us. They type of Black candidates set before White people matters. Candidates must be polished enough, speak the King’s English, have the right education, and over-qualified in order to gain their trust. While Obama was flawed, I would agree he was the best President of my generation. He did little harm, although his healthcare bill screwed a lot of people. That pissed White and Black people off (lol).

Obama was a non-threatening Black man. The kind that was acceptable to Whiteness, made in part by his mother being a White woman and his upper-middle class White grand parents. Had Obama been an unapologetically Blackitty, Black man with the same values, the same education, darker-complected, and openly pro-Black he would be like Jesse Jackson and other Black men who tried to run for President.

White men and women are able to be unapologetically White/Anglo (like loving the Confederacy, slave owning founding fathers, and racist political leaders Strom Thurmond, Robert Byrd, Steve King) with little to no repercussions. Black candidates must always have crossover appeal, enough to appease Whiteness. It’s something feminism and Whiteness never has to worry about. The only ones who must worry are People of Color, which is why we’re still honoring those important milestones of “firsts” in the nation’s long, racist history.

A lot of things stick out to me about 2016, especially how the DNC colluded with Hillary to make her the nominee. Bernie Sanders was cheated out of the nomination that he rightly earned because he was not a real Dem and because he wasn’t a White woman. It was a petty, selfish, divisive move by DNC leaders Debbie Wasserman Shultz and Donna Brazille who would eventually resign after the receipts were exposed. Feminists lied to us. The one thing we all keep overlooking about 2016 is that Dems colluded too. The one candidate that could have beat Trump was Bernie, and the “feminists” in the upper levels of the Democratic Party made a calculated move and blew it. It’s a little disingenuous and a lot of cognitive dissonance. Liars and cheaters finger pointing at liars and cheaters. It’s too much lol.

While we’re all focused on the Russia and Trump saga, the media has stepped away from the big story on the DNC ordaining of Clinton and how she and Bill controlled the party’s platform during her coronation. They are getting off scot-free. What they did was wrong and it too circumvented the will of a large majority of the voters who supported Bernie. It’s no different from Russia intervening on behalf of agent orange.

We really don’t have any good choices as far as a party goes. I’m skeptical of everyone. Sadly, most White feminists are so wrapped up in getting the first woman in the White House, they have totally forgotten how the Democratic Party has eroded the trusts of the diverse pool of voters they worked hard to accrue. We really do have two evils leading us. If feminists are supposed to be our moral compass then they are asleep at the wheel or too drunk on getting power. If you’re not going to call out the DNC and ensure all voters choices are respected, then they are just as bad as Trump supporters.

There are also plenty of Democratic men who would vote for a Black man (or Trump) before they’d vote for a White woman. White feminists snapping of the heads of men don’t help their cause I will admit. I think the Democratic party is denial and out of touch about a lot of things when it comes to truly knowing our demographics. I supported Bernie, because he seemed to have always been on the right side of history, especially during the civil rights movement. Hillary, not so much.

I am not loyal to any party, but after these last few years I’m pretty sure without a doubt I’d never vote for a GOP candidate until this party dies off and what’s left apologizes and reforms. I think it’s a perfect time for a third party candidate and a third-party formation for the people dissatisfied with both parties. As for me leading people, I am tired of leading hard-headed people (lol), but I am willing to work and support any party/candidate that has a track record of sharing power, helping all people, and not just believes in diversity and speaks about, but lives it.

As far as feminism goes, a perfect example is brewing now.

Feminism has run it’s course, and this rifts will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back with the movement. Women of Color are seeing what the movement is all about and who benefits from it. We all are worried about power. Jewish women want some power, Latina women want power, Trans women want some power…and everybody is fighting about power. Everybody wants to be recognized. But everything falls about when the Black woman takes over. Lol. It’s crazy! Racism and exclusion is dividing women. Had women of color be brought in much earlier and rotated frequently in the movement, we wouldn’t be here.

The best thing that movement can do is implode. We need to focus on humanity. Get back to the basics. What do we need to survive? Fighting injustice for all people. And perhaps for once taking a backseat to people of color, allowing them to lead and not find a reason or fault in or skills and abilities. We’ve been led by Whites for a very long time and we’re still behind. Maybe if they’d allow people of color to lead a little we’d catch up. Just maybe we could finally achieve “equality.”

In any event. I don’t have the answers…like you, I’m looking for some suggestions on a movement that won’t kill me lol. Love ya sis! We gotta keep trying to get this right. If it’s not right, it will only keep dividing us.

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