Thanks Sis, I’m so glad you’re “Woke” but goodness there are not enough of you. I’m afraid too Sherry Kappel. It seems we have taken so much for granted for so long, and we rely so heavily on being spoon fed government business, we don’t realize how close we are to a civil war.

There is only so much you can ask folks to take without them losing their minds. It’s clear the second two groups you noted don’t understand the significance of this moment in time. Neither do the Brown allies of Trump. Trump and Congress is going to be fine. They will give their families and friends a heads up that shit is going south fast so they can get their money out of the banks and gird their loins for the civil war. Regular old ignorant Trumpians are going to be in for a rude awakening when the discover the rich have run off with the money just like leaders have done in Ukraine, Greece, etc., and there is no one to save them. They will have put us all in a whole that we can’t get out of.

They= the ones who never take responsibility for their own mediocre lives and ignorance.

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