Thanks so much Charles for the update. I was wondering when the pandemic would reach poor Whites in a rural communities. I grew up in SC and raised my kids in an area that closed hospitals, stopped delivering babies, and transitioned from local to regional healthcare. The districts were drawn to give poor Whites the most power. They’ve always voted agaisnt their own interests. I just couldn’t believe how often they were incapable of seeing the racket White politicians were running on them. They always sold whatever they were cooking up to poor Whites by telling them how it would stop us from getting something.

White people were never able to see how they would be ensnared in the little ploys. Plant closings, school closings, school layoffs. Their jobs were impacted too (because all the stuff they wanted to tale from us they also needed for their livelihoods). I’ve never understood White people, especially poor White people. They love prejudice they’d starve themselves to death. They love White Supremacy so much they’d kill literally support policies that would kill White people.

Soon (likely mid-summer), White people (Trump base White people) are going to get Covid-19 just like the rest of America. They’ll be stirring around, vacationing etc., in hot spots and take the cooties back home to their respective rural areas. It’s just a matter of time before “the Trump base" experiences the raft of Rona. It’s a shame they are so foolish. Smh

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