Thanks so much Sis and you’re on point with the Oprah link! You know when I was writing this, I thought about the early days when Beyonce first hit the scene. I’ll never forget the day Bey was on Oprah’s show and she was giving her tips on her relationship with Jay-Z (keeping it quiet), controlling her image and likeness, etc. I could see the wheels turning in Beyonce’s head. I’m sure behind the scenes Oprah shared her plans on becoming the first female Black billionaire in America. You are right, Oprah has always engaged in White Supremacy to attain her vast wealth, and to cover his misdeeds (the girls school in Africa). She’s a master illusionist and we must never forget entertaining people and appealing to us psychologically is what they all specialize in. They are no different from Trump, except their skin color is the same as ours!

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