Thanks to corporate marketing and television programming, we have been conditioned to see Warren in this way. Sadly, she won’t break through because we love charismatic liars, beautiful blonde bombshells, tall-white and handsome well-spoken con-artists and criminals. Just face it, she doesn’t have that. People have been taught to believe men and trust liars. We like lies. Secondly, most people simply don’t understand government policy. It’s a calling. You must be futuristic in your thinking, and you must have the ability to translate policy to people in terms they can understand. That last piece Warren doesn’t have the ability to do sadly. She’s been in the government realm and uppity White spaces for too long (Harvard) so she has lost her ability to connect with every day folks.

Add to that she really has an annoying voice — it’s easy to tune her out after a few minutes (sorry). Bless her heart, it’s not her fault. It doesn’t mean I don’t like her. I just have to take her in doses. Policy is deep and she needs to craft her messages better. She talks, but does she ever take the time to determine whether people understand her message? Probably not.

The media can’t make Warren be something she’s not.

She’s a smart woman, with the ability to craft wonderful policies that safeguard the average Joe like me. She just doesn’t have what it takes to be the “shiny, beautiful thing” people desire in leaders today. Sadly, White women have been marketed as the opposite of Warren for decades. Don’t be upset with the people for not seeing her magic and intelligence, be upset at corporate America for designing the White women of their dreams for us to consume. Likability is real and corporate America (predominately made up of White men) has masterfully crafted what likability should look and sound like for consumers. America has been brainwashed.

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