That was a great add Nancy. There are numerous examples of things done because folks are racist. And yes, I will happily admit there are plenty of prejudice people of color and Blacks who do engage in tit for tat, or retribution because of microaggressions committed by other White people/people of color. I don’t live my life like that, but I am more cognizant of power dynamics when I’m out now, especially where White people are present. I hate people can be so petty. I treat people the way I want to be treated and when they don’t treat me well I let them know.

That’s all we can do. Thanks for the addition and for calling out the tit for tat. What I will add though is that because there is rarely any justice for us, people get justice the they believe they deserve the best way they know how. I think if we received justice more frequently, you’d have fewer people thinking they need to take justice into their own hands. That’s my two cents lol.

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