That’s an excellent assessment. I live in South FL and it’s just so different here. We are fighting for scraps, for power, and for acceptance. I think being widely accepted and allowed to get some power is one thing, but I think the other thing is the way they think which is something I feel Blacks haven’t quite grasped. Hispanics come here and want to work until they can get their own hustle, They do well. Many work for themselves and therefore they can envision the America dream. For us, we’re taught to go to school and get a job. We are fighting over the same few scraps. The ones with the power remain in control, we all are assimilating trying to get a piece of the piece of the pie. Until we learn we all are on the same side, we will remain divided. And that’s exactly how the powers that be like it. Us divided means more pie for them!

Thanks for sharing those nuggets of wisdom. It’s nice to see some people get it.

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