That’s interesting. I live in Ft. Lauderdale/Miami area. They have big issues with Latin Americans being racist, especially Cubans. There was an article in the paper earlier this year about a play where one of the light skinned Cuban actresses dressed in Black face. It outraged the Afro-Cubans and Haitians in the area. If the skin is light, expect racism against darker skin. Even in places like Haiti. Light-skinned Haitians are the ones with the education, inside jobs, and opportunities, dark-skinned Haitians, not so much.

My partner went to Panama with her group for work as a special agent. She’s dark-skinned. The hotel staff and wait staff were disrespectful to her the entire time. She was so angry about it. Being from NY she had never experienced racism from Hispanic people there. Neither did she experience in California where she lived for 20 years. Come to South Florida and she’s had a racist white passing Cuban boss and all sorts of racist interactions. These folks import their racism like they import coffee and spices. It’s the dirty secret we never discuss.

Racism is a motherf*cker bro! The darker the skin, the more you get it. Colonialism has done a number on the world! Thanks for sharing your pics, they were great. Sadly, I’m Black so I got hard-knock life lessons on the levels of racism in the world. Gotta know our enemies — even when they look like us.

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