That’s very good that you receive good feedback. I have met a few amazing, self-aware allies here in Medium. Most people aren’t really interested in understanding and changing as they are finger wagging and sending African Americans and Blacks back somewhere which also says something. Our children are the future indeed, but if they don’t understand how structural and institutional racism works (i.e. voting), they could still do harm in other ways. I’m saddened that you may not get the benefit of engaging in discussions of race, asking questions in a safe space and doing it without judgement. I have always enjoyed those times. I will say they’ve always been with White or Latin American men which is interesting. They appreciated the intimate time to inquire about stereotypes types, etc. If you can make it happen, please do. It’s really soul-stirring. It’s the reason I can go almost anywhere without fear. Talking to people of different races builds bridges and help you see just how alike we all are.

Children definitely are the future, as long as we can keep the rest of society from tainting them.

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