That’s very interesting you’re so aware of the internalized hate Black people aren’t aware of. I parents actually teach it to us when they insist we partake of White things because it’s better, actually shunning where we come from, our roots, our heritage, culture…everything.

My parents did it too, mostly my mom. She’s done a completely 360 now, but when we were young, she had us doing all the stuff White people use to get a leg us. We did ballet, I took piano and saxophone, enrolled in drama and the arts, pageants…I can’t tell you all the bullcrap forced upon me because it was supposed to be competitive advantage. She did what she thought was best, but it just was a scam. You can’t do enough to subvert racism. I tried to subtly unmask desegregation and integration in America.

What was supposed to be better for us has turned out to be a wash: Was Desegregation A Blessing Or A Curse?

I can understand about the Black guy who was skeptical about BLM. I too have issues with the national chapter, not the local chapters. I wrote about it some time ago. It’s been co-opted and it doesn’t represent local chapters. Additionall, national leaders have enriched themselves the funding is extremely suspect. America has a history of hijacking our movements and killing our leaders. BLM has all the markings of it. Black people should be skeptical of every Black-centered movement, because history just continues to repeat itself (see COINTELPRO):

Hijacked: Who Is The Leader of the Black Lives Matter Movement?

Self-hate is very real in our community. There are plenty anti-Black, Black people, especially those who were educated in White settings post desegregation. We’re all messed up thanks to White Supremacy. We can’t get on one accord with each other because White Supremacy makes life easier if you’re able to figure out how to play the game and play it. It makes us have interests we wouldn’t normally have, isolates us from our own people… I’m not going there, but I definitely understand why we are so confused. White Supremacy and racism is at the root of all of Black folks’ problems.

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