The entire system is a sham. Our own government participates and encourages the shame. America was built on inequality. We’ve always been unequally educated which is why Blacks had to fight and sneak to learn how to read. It’s why we had Black schools and White schools and Black taxpayers got hand-me-down text books from White school districts. It’s why we have HBCUs and Ivy League schools. Nothing about America is equal. Some groups have never had an equitable distribution of resources to do the impossible which is pull yourself up by your bootstraps. No one hardly does anything in life without help, including the wealthy. If it weren’t for the wealth, family’s last name, and connections of the rich, they’d never be where they are today. What’s crazy is how many poor people will quote the rich and even our government in saying we all are created equal, we have equal opportunities, and we have the same resources because we don’t. Nothing is equal here.

Inequality is this nation’s enemy. But it very few citizens realize it. This was a good look at how unfair America is.

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