The exchange was disrespectful on so many levels I cannot begin.

The unnecessary urban dialect and the over-exaggerated tough-guy persona performed for Black man trying to show how cool he was is the ultimate fail. I'm so tired of that shit! They all do it.

CTG allowed Biden to talk without really questioning him or making serious demands. CTG clearly doesn't know about politics and wasn't informed on Biden's policy outcomes or he would have pushed back more.

Telling Black people they aren't Black if they don't know if they are voting for him is callous and overtly racist. He basically said what I always say, we don't have a choice and he knows it. The ony thing Biden is offering Black people is that he is not Trump which ain't shit right now. He didn't discuss is White Man Manifesto For Black America (WTF)...I just can't even!

We are either again riding with the lesser of the two racist evils or staying home. Did I say all White people are racist yet, even if their intentions are good? This is a perfect example of that.

Biden's comment has come at THE worst time. I can't think of a more horrible choice for the next POTUS, but what else do we have? He is the White man White people can tolerate. What's scary though is how at the end of the exchange when he was challenging CTG's blackness is how White people could also be offended and not vote for him. His vote like a Black person backfired big time.

We are on the cusps of pre-Civil rights era here in America. The stars have aligned for these racist states of America. We can demand all we want. We ain't getting nothing. On either side of the aisle it's White rule. Both parties are old and racist. We are just picking the covert racist (who ain't so covert) over the overt racist (who wants slavery and segregation back).

Where do we go?

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