The fact he was stupid enough to admit child sexual abuse on the internet makes me question everything about him. I was taken aback by his admitted child sexual abuse. As a child-sexual abuse survivor, former social worker and current child sexual abuse advocate, let me assure you his son is incapable of understanding what is being done to him, and he will spend the rest of his life trying to reclaim his childhood as he deals with the results of his sexuality being awakened before it was time. Boosie’s stolen his son’s innocence as well as his nephews. He doesn’t have the right. They’ll never be able to get that back. Additionally, his son will likely leave a trail of hurt, broken people behind as he searches for what he’s missing.

Nothing good can come from this situation, especially when one of the child’s parents are so neglectful. Boosie doesn’t know how to raise healthy people. He’s not a healthy person. The entire family needs help to deal with the cycle of abuse they are going through.

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