The FBI, DEA and a whole host of law enforcement agencies do the same thing to innocent people all the time and I don’t see people crying out. Only when your folks are getting treated like 99% do people like you seem to care. Children have been killed, and they’ve even busted into the wrong homes of people of color. People like you have nothing to say. You don’t even know anything about because it’s not in your peripheral. Let Roger have his day in court like everyone else, and be thankful he has one.

There are a bunch of men and women accused of crimes who had their opportunity snatched away because they police decided to be the judge, jury, prosecutor, and cop! Be happy your guy is alive and free to do press conferences, have gofundme campaigns and speak on Infowars

Now, back to the money. I am working on a piece about how Democrats in general take money from the same shell corporations. All poltiicans lie and play constituents like a fiddle. Hillary’s emails, Trump and Russian, Bernie took Russian money, Debbie Wasserman Shultz subverting the voters to help Hillary. All parties are liars. All politicians are liars. Both parties are crooks.

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