The fight attendant definitely committed a microaggression and should have been reported. We are often dismissed when we try to share our daily racialized experiences just living while Black. I would have reported the flight attendant because it was none of his business how you got in first class, as if first class is reserved for anyone but Black folks.

I don’t allow white people to dictate what’s racist and what’s not anymore. They don’t know, and they don’t care to know. When they do know or are called out, the react in a way that burdens us with their guilt. I don’t care about their feelings, I don’t care about their ignorance, or their lack of emotional intelligence. We must learn before we go to school how to navigate White people while they learn how to hate and disrespect us.

We need to stand up for ourselves and check them when they violate our spaces. They policing and questioning us when we’re in their spaces I addressed and it set off a storm. I’ll place links below, but please read the comments. They are the most telling. There are an overwhelming number of bad actors and racists who will comment reflective of our current state.

There are more bad and racist white people than good ones. This is why we need to call out racism and address their microaggressions. When we are silent, they win. Micoraggressions are not isolated incidents. They are a part of systemic racism which help it operate successfully every single day.

The next time you are challenged, document it. Take names, times, photos if possible, and start threatening civil suits against the employers of racists. Racists win when they don’t lose anything. Let’s take away their power and stop allowing racism to be lucractive for racist. It seems they don’t learn until they lose something. Racism parts us from lots of things, including our precious lives.

The reasons White people should never be allowed to lead:

About White people determining what is and what is not racist:

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