The first time I heard this song I was a kid, so I didn’t really pay it any attention. The same applies as an adult if I ever heard it. I never paid attention to the song, only a few lyrics…like when he sang mama.

But I read a review here on Medium about the movie and decided to read it.

It. Blew. My. Mind.

As a mother, with sons…the movie just broke my heart. His story was beautiful and sad. And that song. Oh my god, I just got tears when I listened to the words yesterday. It’s a heart wrenching cry out to be understood. It’s a song about letting your parents down. It’s a song of dissatisfaction with life. It’s a man hurt because he feels his mother had a misfit, and although the movie appeared to show parental love and support, I doubt his parental relationships were actually the way they were portrayed in the movie.

He was an unhappy, lost genius with few true friends because he was so unique. He had to go all around the world, and get the life kicked out of him to see that the things that are most important you already had. The world was cold, and not so accepting. He tasted life, and it was bitter. He loved and he lost. The movie was beautiful and I feel like we lost yet another special human being because he was different far too soon.

As a mama, the movie hurt me. I wanted to be his mother. I wanted to wrap my arms around him. I wanted to give him the guidance and supports that are so necessary when you’re “discovering yourself.” It’s a shame how we must hide ourselves to appease family and the world. I love that he somewhat lived out…he definitely was before his time. I have mad respect for him. A new found respect. Freddie is a legend like many of the gay artists from that era and after like Sylvester, Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, Elton John, Jermaine Stewart, and other great artists I love so much.

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