The only women I know who create these labels, argue about these labels, and are overtly obsessed with any kind of women, cis or trans, are White feminist or religious women. I think you hit the nail on the head with the patriarchy, but the White Supremacy piece is deeply rooted in all of this.

White people are the only people who get to define what we are and who we are, even requiring other cultures and religions to respect women/sexual orientation/identity over respecting their humanity. The entire feminist psyche is often so fucked up it’s almost like arguing with a Trump supporter most times.

Ya ain’t getting anywhere with them.

That’s another telltale trait of feminism for me. Feminism (all waves) are rooted in White Supremacy, White entitlement, and beliefs of White Superiority. White women, like White men have the privilege of telling their subjects what they are, who they are, and where they should be on the totem pole . We are the fools who listen to them and allow them to do so. Feminism doesn’t intersect although many feminists want us to believe it does. White feminism and it’s heritage rooted in White Supremacy needs to label, separate, and divide people in order to control, minimize, dominate, and conquer. Feminism patriarchy with a purse. Trans folx will never fit anywhere in their White worlds just like minorities. There is room for a token few, the rest are don’t belong and will never belong. It’s a life long fight for acceptance that you’ll never receive. I hope they learn this and live their lives instead of fight to be in a faux family of self-haters.

It’s White Supremacy for White women, and they draw all sorts of women into the fold not to help, but to use as stepping stones. It’s tokenization at it’s finest. Feminism was created by racist White women who learned from racist, evil White men. Expecting the apple to fall far from the tree is insanity.

I hope trans women and men would remove themselves from under the label because it’s not going to end well for you. You all are subjected to enough in life, why try to fit into a gang that really doesn’t like you or want you. It really wasn’t made for you, or for me. Crazy people will make us all crazy, avoid the fray lol. It’s hard enough just living.

Thanks for teaching me something new about the ever-changing world of women and LGBTQ community. Why can’t we just let people be?

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