The point is, you never are done because of the society we live in. Look, 70 milion people voted for Trump in 2020 in a nation of 325 million people. If you’re offended by you not being able to live up to my standards than being able to take inventory of the totality of racism and White Supremacy, I really don’t know what to say Dave.

White people learn so slowly and change so slowly our lives are STILL in danger. It’s the fragility of Whiteness for me that’s rarely in danger. I’ve recommended your tiered government in so many circles, so I’m very disheartened to hear you sound just like other White people who center their feelings and themselves instead of the victims of White Supremacy. Well, I guess you can block me if the message doesn’t sit will. I still think your TG is amazing. Too bad we can’t test it out.

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