The theft of Native lands along with the slaughter and enslavement of America Indians are America’s original sins. I laugh every time I hear ignorant Whites wishing Blacks back to Africa or cotton fields, and wishing Spanish people back to Mexico, with no reflection of how stupid it sounds when you take a look at America’s history. It’s too much to unpack man.

If it weren’t for any of our groups, their group would have never been able to exist here in America. Indians taught the White man how to grow food, hunt, and grow stuff on these lands. Slaves did everything from wet nursing White children to involuntary taking care of Massa’s insatiable needs when they raped women, men and children. America is nonchalant about Whiteness.

We need America to take seriously the dangerousness of Whiteness. It’s always been nonchalant about the harm it inflicts on others. We need America to review it’s history of toxic its addiction of Whiteness at the expense of Black and Brown people

America is a land of unlimited ignorance.

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