The way you think about the entire thing is totally wrong. Your thoughts go immediately to thinking about the people in power instead of the victims.

This focus is why we get nowhere. White people spend more time worried about what the oppressors think and their feelings. Why? Screw their feelings, we’re on fire. Their fine. You’re concern is misplaced and not helpful. White people know how White people think, which is why they rule, reign, and bully White folks in a manner similar to the way they bully and govern others.

It’s ridiculous.

You fear their power more than you care to fix the problem of racism. You’ve already said what you can’t do, no one will listen, etc. Black folks and people of color don’t get the privilege to act this way. You relinquish power with your words. You think this, so your actions follow.

We Blacks and minorities don’t get to dictate to others who have no power or are subjected to violence, racism, and a life of inequality. The group in power telling me they have no power is never going to be satisfactory to me or most people of color. We know better.

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