There are plenty of articulate people who are terrible people. We have a President right now who went to all the right schools — and can’t speak a lick (lol). But he’s President. I never heard anyone speak about his lack of words when he was running for office.

I get the Southern/Not So Bright stereotype all the time. I work in Washington a lot. I also work with people who speak broken English and with accents because English isn’t their first language. These people check all the boxes to get a degree, are good people, intelligent, can talk about issues and help inform policy, they just don’t speak “articulately.” Speaking articulate doesn’t make anyone smart or dumb. Speaking articulately is an requirement placed on the heads of people of color by Whiteness. Now, if White people don’t speak well — it doesn’t impede them any (prime example you gave — George W. Bush).

But for people of color, there are always two things used to measure our character without really knowing anything about our character.The hue of our skin and how we talk matter. Next education — and then and only then are we allowed to speak to the masses. There are plenty of terrible public speakers who went to Harvard and Stanford and lead this nation.

Speaking articulate is a real requirement for people of color.

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