There are some things and institutions not worth fighting, and in my opinion, the church/organized religion is one. I look at church in the same way I see glorified fraternities and sororities, fancy all white social clubs, or all white male golf clubs. I don’t need anything from these organizations to survive. Nothing. I only care about how people associating themselves with these organized religions apply their ideologies in the public sector.

The Catholic Church (or any church for that matter) offers me no nutritional or financial value. In fact, they are like pimps…they see me as a dollar sign and an ego stroker. I’m not having any of it. I don’t care what they do or say as long as they don’t impact laws that infringe upon my rights. The Catholic Church has a huge lobbying body who contribute to certain candidates/parties depending on what the church wants to get accomplished. That’s where you should battle.

Battling folks on their individual oppressive religious ideologies is futile and exhausting. Religion worldwide has a stranglehold on us all whether we engage in it or not. People bring those views outside of the church walls, inserting them into public policy. Religion and politics need divorce. It’s up to lgbtq writers to craft messages which illustrate how the two are married and how the marriage harms us.

The education and messaging are keys to our success. I don’t argue on social media. My mindset is teaching. You get more bees with honey, not by poking a stick in their hive.

I have a love hate relationship with the Catholic church. They do great works like feeding the hungry, aiding immigrants with the visa process, assisting victims of violence, caring for immigrants, and helping kids get adopted. They have also supported slavery, homophobia, segregation, family separation, child sexual abuse (directly and indirectly), other mess. Through it all they are still the wealthiest religion in the world thanks to their plundering globally (colonialism) and generations ok donors. Educate the people Jim. They don’t know who they are following. All they know is they want to follow someone. We are pack animals.

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