There were so many nuggets in the piece I got years ago. After getting divorced again I was where you are now. I’m still there. Why be bothered? I people watch? I have too many friends unhappily married just the way you describe. They go out to eat and don’t talk to each other. Why go out to eat then? And sex… as soon as I tell a guy I'm single, his mind immediately goes to sex, telling me I need to be blessed with a penis stuck in some opening on my body (lol).

As soon as I say I don’t need a man or for sex, they become offended. I have turned down god’s gift to the world. smh

There is a season in life where you need personal space to focus, especially if you have young kids in a post-divorce setting. There is also a season in life when you just get tired of the dog-and-pony show of dating, especially in today’s superficial dating environment. Good for you to take a pass on misery, baggage, and sharing of your already limited time that comes with every relationship. It’s a great feeling to go to bed when you want to, not to have to respond to check-in texts or talk to people on the phone who just don’t know how to end a call. Being depended upon is exhausting, and more people need to admit this truth!

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