These are good and valid points. My problem is because something is recent and happened a shorter period of time we’re forced to remember. It’s been drilled into us that we should remember. Not only that, we should never forget the Holocaust.

But slavery, people will come up with a long laundry list as to why it’s so instead of getting to the root of the matter which is there is a preference for White people to hold near and dear White trauma and atrocities. With slavery, Black people are told to shut up and get over it. Even offered tickets back to Africa in 2020 despite us being born here. Nobody would ever disrespect Jewish people in that way and Whiteand Jewish people insist they aren’t treated that way.

The entire mindset of most White people is get over it. Find excuses as to why we can remember White suffering while ignoring Black suffering.

For example, remember the Confederacy (White men fighting about slavery), but for get the reason for it and the millions of people injured and killed as a result of it (Black slaves). The Holocaust didn’t happen here on U.S. soil and we know more about it than we know about slavery. The Holocaust had a whole museum before we had an African American museum highlighting the nationally sanctioned institution of slavery. America and the Jewish community have ensured what happened to Jewish people during the Holocaust is never forgotten. Likewise, I think both groups have also helped to erase our national history. I’m not one-upping traumas, but if we can’t address our own history (slavery, Black codes, slave codes) but can and skip nearly 70 years forward to the 1930s to remember the Holocaust that happened on German soil and not here in America, Houston we have a cognitive dissonance problem.

The Germans learned from America how to treat people shitty and kill them. From United States White people.

If we can remember the 4th of July every year, celebrate Christmas, Columbus Day, recall D-Day, and remember the Holocaust, this country should do right and remember slavery and how it evolved after it was officially over.

Additionally, many Jewish people came here and engaged in the very thing that they escaped in Germany, so are there descendants. Look at Stephen Millier. There so much more here that far too many White people are in denial about but I do agree with all that you’ve noted. Thank you for taking the time to comment and reflect on our trauma as well as why we remember/recall the way we do.

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