They always get the coon from our group who “made it” to sit in the midst of the White male with unbridled power to tell us what’s wrong with us. And the hypocrisy. The same people that had something to say about Obama inviting Common to the White House and campaigning with Jay-Z and Bey are the same ones now cheering agent orange on for his Kanye visit. Even agent was crying about Obama’s celebrity power with entertainers while he was on the bash everything Obama train. Now 45’s doing the same thing. The blatant hypocrisy and dementia is laughable at best!

It was the perfect storm…Coonin, Malignant Narcissism, Male Privilege, mixed with Trump’s White Privilege all rolled up into one. The 2018 Remix Edition.

Coonye is not poor, he never was. He doesn’t know about what’s wrong with the Southside of Chicago just like he doesn’t know anything about having a menstrual cycle or what it feels like to have a baby naturally. He doesn’t know what it’s like to go to prison, and he has no idea what it takes for folks to re-enter society successfully. It’s not just about a job…it’s about the institutional racism and punitive policies that puts obstacles every step of the way for ex-offenders. So, going and speaking at the White House about Black folks and incarceration (for the 5th-6th time since orange marmalade has taken office) again without doing anything to change the laws and policies is nothing more than lip service.

If Coonye knew any better, he would be talking to legislators (the people with the real power to make policies and laws), and not the President (who can create an Executive Order which can be repealed by his successor). All that fool shit Coonye is talking was for benefit of the two grandiose malignant narcissist in the room. Nobody got helped in the room that day but those two.

It was just a show to deflect from something…45’s not fooling anyone.

As for who they (rich White people) get to speak for us Black folks…they love to get entertainers. It’s symbolic of what they think of us. We are for their entertainment. That’s just how little they think of us, just like back in the old days. Entertain massa, and he will let you come in the big house and eat from his table. No more scraps for you!

Coonye goes in the pile with all the other good coons, like Omarossa, Tiger Woods, the Black commentators on Fox, all the new young coons making asses of themselves in defense of people, privileges and policies that have NEVER been for them with no foresight or appreciation of the sacrifices and lives of our ancestors.

When he falls from his fake grace (and he will, they all do), the Blackitty Black Black delegation shall have no mercy for him…just like we have none for the other coons. I hope he enjoys his 10 minutes of fame.

Another one bites the dust. The Kardashian curse strikes again!

You called this one right, yet again! Bravo for telling the truth! Can’t say it enough. With Blacks like Coonye who needs enemies. Can’t even trust your own people! Desperate too be loved by a people who never loved you. What a shame.

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