This article of very misleading and does not reflect what Joe Biden has done for women. If it weren’t for Joe Biden, women would not of the1994 Violence Against Women Act. The act that funds thousands of transitional housing programs (short and long-term) for survivors of sexual and domestic violence. If it weren’t for Joe Biden, women wouldn’t have 24 hours rape crisis centers and advocates to accompany them during SANE exams, and to court when and if their cases go to court. If it weren’t for Joe Biden, we wouldn’t have U-Visas which protects illegal immigrants who may have come here against their will or even if they are here voluntarily from sexual and domestic violence here in the U.S., giving them a pathway to citizenship and prevents them from being deported.

Joe Biden’s Act created an entire division within the Department of Justice dedicated to Violence Against Women (OVW). This program and office has been funded for years and I know, because I make funding decisions regarding the programs vying for funding to help women. Hundreds of millions if not trillions of dollars have gone to help women escape violence, heal, go through our raggedy unjust systems, and restart their lives.

You can say whatever you want about men. You can argue about generational gaps in how men touch women in the workplace. We can discuss personal space and good touches/bad touches. But what we aren’t going to do is sit around and allow women like you to tell women what kind of men women like me need. Many minority women have been helped by Joe’s Acts. Gays would have never had the rights had Joe Biden forcing Obama to give the okay on marriage equality. Trans women and men couldn’t in serve the military openly or simply have the rights to exist without Joe.

To me, this is a typical White feminist rant full of emotion, neglecting lots of facts, and as usual, man bashing. I can’t say Bernie has done a lot for women, but I know damn well Joe has done a lot more than you’ve given him credit for. I know because I work for the programs he helped to craft. Women deserve to be protected, and he has made great strides to ensure his act remains funded.

For you to say women don’t need a man like Joe is ignorant and disingenuous at best.

Women don’t even know what in the hell Joe Biden has done for women nationally in the way of women’s rights and protections since times have changed. We need facts, not bullshit and emotions from women who feel it’s “their time” to be president and who can’t give men like Biden credit where credit is due. Joe may not be perfect, but don’t try to take away from what he’s done for women. By the way, the act employs more White women than any other ethnic group in the way of advocates, attorneys, prosecutors, executive directors in the field. Women don’t deserve a man like Joe, smh!

Truths about Joe Biden and women:

Lastly, if I those of us looking to get rid of Trump listen to women like you, we will lose yet again. In my opinion, old man smoke needs grandpa magic. The two people who can beat Trump are Bernie and Joe. Old man vs. Old man. Trump doesn’t respect women and will degrade and devalue them. When he finishes disrespecting women like he’s always done, the men who get something from “putting us women in our place will be validated and they will vote for Trump secretly like they did previously.

The battle with a female nominee if Trump is the GOP nominee will have no substance and it will simply turn into a petty fight, rallying his base. A White man is going to beat Trump, an old one. What you need to write about are all the White women who voted for Trump and who still thinks he is doing a great job. As a woman of color, I deserve the truth from you about how White women aided in getting Trump elected. What are you going to do about this? White women selected a pussy grabber, con-artist and serial predator for President. This is an even bigger problem feminists like you aren’t addressing.

I wish your writing would reflect those noteworthy facts and impediments to this crock-of-shit democracy!

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