This entire damned thing right here!!!!!!!!!!

All of those shallow arguments are the same ones White folks who worship the GOP use when they are too afraid to admit they are racist (anti-Black) so they blame all other nonsensical reasons for hitching their horse to hate. The politics of the GOP are Southern Strategy politics and they know. As you’ve noted, Hispanics often come from racist, corrupt countries and they have no issues with bringing their old country’s on the racist and corrupt ethos with them. We might have been born one night but it wasn’t last night. Watching GOP Hispanics tap dance around race and excuse their bad behavior as if it some how makes them less inhumane and naive as White folks is a joke.

Even to say “we vote GOP just because we’re entrepreneurs”, excusing all the heinous crimes racists commited against people of color, their own people, is like having Stockholm Syndrome. Those GOP Hispanics are users, just like White people.

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