This!!!!! Exploited is exactly what I see and how I feel each and every time I read a story about a woman who devulges her newly discovered (or old/buried) bisexuality to a male partner or spouse, and then he in turn suggests a threesome.

It’s one of the most selfish, self-centered exploits ever in my opinion. Her sexuality is for his benefit. All the man hears is I get to screw two women and my spouse/partner knows, therefore I’m not cheating!

I hate it when women attempt to ve honest with men and they make her discovery about his penis, not her needs or desires. If my disclosure got such a response from my man, I’d never tell him anything else intimate about me, let alone share a partner with him.

Threesomes are complex, and because we women aren’t as callous about sex as men are, most of us need a real relationship to have a happy threesome, something many men don’t have the time or desire to understand.

If a woman doesn’t express the desire for a threesome, the guy shouldn’t mention it either. In fact he should shut up and listen instead of trying to help himself to “free” fantasy sex . Likewise, women shouldn’t be bullied (or conned) into threesomes in order to explore their sexuality. Thank you for sharing your experiences. They are heartbreaking and they are the reasons I’ve never had a threesome.

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