This happened to my best friend about 2 years ago when she tried out online dating. I have experience with internet crimes, so my radar was up immediately when she said she’d met a guy a few states away. Knowing her financial situation, I was immediately skeptical. How would they see each other? Where is this really going? I researched everything she told me about his presence (including searching his profile pic), and I collected enough info to determine he is was a fraud. Still, everything I told her she cross-examined with him. She believed him over me. So, I shut up.

He didn’t have a landline, a real mobile number, she never saw him face to face, and he sent long emails instead of texts or video chats. Another flag was his time zone was always messed up compared to where he was supposed to be living.

Like you, this guy suddenly was traveling overseas for a work assignment to work on a million-dollar gig for a few weeks and when he arrived back to the states he was coming to see her. Lo and behold, he needed $800 to get shots to come back to the states. She told him she didn’t have it and he got angry with her. He blocked her number and she could never reach him after that.

She was devastated and cried for days. It can happen to anyone looking for love. Just one of the pitfalls of online dating. There is nothing to be ashamed of. We all need to be careful when using internet dating.

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