THIS!!!!!!!!! I can relate. This piece ignited so many things in me. I just can’t even begin to explain how I felt reading your essay, because I’ve done the same things. I have three sons (all grown now), but every day I fear getting a call that something has happened. I have done everything I could to minimize the possibilities of something happening to them while being Black in America. I can recall my son being detained for hours in Augusta, GA while in college with his friends one night because someone robbed a store. All he and his friends were guilty of were eating at the Waffle House and being outside of their dorms after 12pm. The only similarities between he and the alleged suspect were he and the robber had the same color car. None of the other characteristics were the same. My son sat alone, with his friends, guns drawn until the lazy, scary cops found the right suspect.

White kids can hang out in any parking lot they like without being stereotyped. White folks advise their kids to marry within their own race so they don’t have to experience what “we” experience. God forbid they are subjected to the experiences of POCs. White people can go the park like Black folks don’t pay to use them, and they can walk around stores and never be suspected of being thieves (especially White females). White folks aren’t frowned upon when they come into a restaurant, they aren’t shunned when they get sloppy drunk and loud in bars and eating establishments. White folks have no idea what it’s like to have White folks hack your name up, making no effort to pronounce it correctly (just get a name they can say to make their White lives easier they say). White folks don’t have to fear the police, in fact the police are their friends. And of course the cops are White folks’ friends. They aren’t busy suspecting them of doing anything wrong/bad EVER, even though they are the emperors of embezzlement, money laundering, hate crimes, wage theft, mass murders and serial killings in this country. White means never having to worry about seeing a realistic reflection of yourself or role models, or just a self you’d like to be. You’re splattered all over the television and movies, commercials, and in most human resource positions making decisions keeping POCs out of the workplace. It’s all right as long as it’s all White. I know my place in society, and I make no bones about it.

Being White means never have to worry about…anything. Not even the problems they create for other people. Life is good when you’re White. I wish they’d learn to spread some of the goodness to others.

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