This! If you say one word about Jewish people or the Holocaust, you’re met with “ we can never forget," “how dare you,” or “they were oppressed…[skip Black pain and trauma to center Jewish people/Holocaust]. Jewish people do it too. I have been unfollowed and chastised when telling people Hitler learned his racism by how America treated Black people, but because the oppressed skin is lighter, their tragedy takes precedence. Not only that, Jewish people do not acknowledge this truth either. They stop recognizing atrocities at themselves. Sometimes they do whataboutism just like White folks and will talk about foreign atrocities or other non-Black American hate/bigotry. Many Jewish people barely (if ever) acknowledge our oppression, demonization, discrimination, and murders took place longer than theirs. Atrocities have been committed against Blacks in America before, during, and after the Holocaust, yet there is no one ever making this plain to get people to understand just how long Blacks have endured American fascism.

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