This is a powerful piece, and a reflection of the times. Black and Brown women everywhere are coming to terms with feminism, the Kellys and Rebeccas entrenched in the movement, and the fact that the movement is not for woman power. It’s for White woman power. The movement is too old and has been around too long for this racist foolery… but it is so. It’s time for us to move on to browner pastures.

Until they understand they are just as oppressive, greedy, and power hungry as White men and CHANGE, there is no tangible benefit for Women of Color to be in their movement. It’s theirs because they founded it. In all truthfulness…their movement wasn’t created with us in mind anyway. We really shouldn’t be surprised. Feminism (White feminism) is another impenetrable system like the rest of our institutions. Feminism has a force field surround it. And we can’t get in. It’s an illusion. I’m tired of trying.

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