This is beautiful friend. It’s stories broken down like this that explain why I cannot worship, why I have little faith in Whiteness, why I fear for my Black life, and why I cannot forgive. Forgive does not good, because those who seek it worshiped the same God I did, yet they saw me on earth differently. How can I trust the people who introduced me to this religion, and caused so much harm and trauma to my life and the lives of my ancestors in the name of it. I cannot forgive, nor can I forget. I must try to live this life in a skin that is never safe from harm.

“ Oh yes hell yes to the power, the glory, white hoods MAGA hats white jesus white sanctity white ownership of history, divine right but no divine mercy”

Sums up my sentiments. This was an amazing essay, it explains why I cannot pledge allegiance anymore and why I won’t be bullied about it. There is no liberty and justice for all in America. Everything is a lie. Everything — if you’re Black.

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