This is not the oppression olympics, and Jews do not have a lock on being an indicator of tyranny, oppression, fascism. There are plenty minority groups who have been historically oppressed, killed, raped, families split right here in America. Those groups are American Indians and African Americans and their atrocities happened here in America, not Europe. They happened longer, and more people were killed. Americans don’t listen to anyone. The only thing they respond to is personal financial loss/lack…and then most want to commit suicide. The historically oppressed minorities sound the alarms, and the privileged Whites and non-whites passing as such look the other way. As long as their homes aren’t on fire and their kids aren’t stalked, they are fine.

The good will suffer with the bad, that’s just how these things go. But some of us are already at the bottom, so we won’t have too far to fall.


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