This is quite heartbreaking, but a wake up call you needed. It’s funny how every immigrant ethnic group comes here under the same illusion assimilating and disassociating from your culture will make you acceptable to Whiteness.

You’re also learning something Black people and Native Americans here in the U.S. already knew. White Supremacy doesn’t evolve. No matter what you do, you’ll never be accepted. Immigrants go out of there way to avoid us instead of listening to us. White Supremacy will use any willing vessel to keep it propped up. I’m saddened it took you so long to realize this though.

The majority minority nation is much larger than the White majority now. We would be much stronger if all ethnic groups worked together to kill it instead of leaving after you’ve reaped all the personal benefits and usefulness to White Supremacy at the expense of Blacks and Native Americans.

I see in your piece lots of credit given to many non-White, non-American ethnic groups, zero credit was given to the people who made it possible for your mother to be here in the first place, Blacks and Native Americans. You learned a lot. But you have a lot more learning to do. Who you respect and what you respect reveals just how entrenched you are in White Supremacy unfortunately.

I would hope as you reconnect with your culture, you join Native Americans and Blacks in the fight to defeat White Supremacy. We’re stronger in numbers.

Hoping things will get better won’t work. Running won’t work either. Standing together and fighting will. Respect the folks that made it possible for you to become what you are today instead of keeping the Master’s gates and worshiping him/her. At the end of the day, White people no matter how much the deny it, will reveal themselves in the worst of times. The discrimination is disgusting, but typical. As long as overt racial discrimination didn’t touch the Asian community, it was cool. They have been silent and even participated in anti-Blackness. Now, the tides have turned and suddenly they’re acutely aware they’re on the poo-poo list of disliked races too.

The real lesson here is don’t forsake your own culture for Whiteness, ever and treat all racial minorities well. You never know when you may need their bodies or voices to advocateon your groups behalf.

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