This is so timely! I have been in my trap-thuggin zone all weekend. I haven't had a White friend that I've been close to for about 3 years, but she was one of those conservative friends we've all had, the kind we tolerated.

Now, I've never been to war, but I appreciate your visualizations (as always) beacuse this has been my feeling about White Supremacy and America in general. We're in a war, except we (Blacks) don't act as if we're in a war with Whiteness and Trump supporters. I'm a street kid, so I tend to be a little mean girl when it comes to the way I judge people. You just can't tell me any old thing. I watch folks, but I also listen.

We've been in a war with White Supremacy for hundreds of years. Trump Supporters aren't changing. Not only that, many of them are suffering from undiagnosed mental illness. When I see them I see my delusional, schizophrenic mom who was once functional but always crazy.The older those folks get, the worse get. I can't even talk to my mom she's so crazy. You're right, cutting them off is the only way to stay sane and protect yourself.

People like my mom and Trump supporters are always at war with someone or something. Suing, lying, see shit that ain't there, always a victims but the biggest, most evil devils.

Ain't no hope for them folks. Cut your losses and burn them bridges because nothing good comes from maintaining relationships with them.

About this war with Trumpsters... I have thoughts!

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