This is such a good read (and funny). Great advice too. Stay home. I’d love to add to this list.

Go to community college to avoid high tuition costs. Use state aid, lottery assistance, etc. Whatever you’re entitled to in order to decrease the cost of attendance. Go to college in-state because it’s cheaper than out-of-state tuition you will be charged. Big name schools mean big money. Just don’t do them. Picking a college for a sports team or name, band is the dumbest thing you’re going to do. After the fun ends, the debt begins. You can play the rest of your life. College is to prepare to work. Focus on the work part. Don’t get a Master’s degree if you gotta pay for it. Again, it’s no longer worth it. People go to get degrees for different reasons. Most are too embarrassed to admit it isn’t paying off for them. Those extra letters cost. If you can’t afford to pay as you go, don’t go.

Unless you’re going to school to become a physician, don’t take out 100k in student loans. You’re never going to earn that money in an annual salary in this America anymore, not even 10-years after graduation. All colleges will sell you wolf tickets. Think about you. They don’t really care about the students. Students are a means to an end. They need money to stay open just like a bank or car dealership. Many schools are like predators. Be careful.

If you can work, work. There is little debt working to provide for yourself. Plus, that’s what you are going to college for anyway, to get a job to work. Go to a 2-year college and follow the Bureau of Labor’s employment trends forecast that advises what is in demand by employers for the next 10 years. Doing anything otherwise is self sabotage. Try to have as little debt as possible when graduating. You’ll be able to sleep at night, live without being bothered with roommates, eat, go out with friends. College debt is a drag no one should have to deal with a lifetime. Apply for state scholarships. Ask about work-study and paid internships. Enroll in student support programs that can assist with tuition like Student Support Services. Avoid private colleges if you’re not rich. They aren’t worth the investment and the return is almost non-existent these days. You’d come out better buying DJ equipment, a food truck, or doing something else that can withstand economic down turns and pandemics like computer repair, HVAC, truck driving, working on the railroad, landscaping, etc.

Most importantly understand 4-year college is no longer cost-effective. A 2-year degree or certification is the ticket. The federal government has been pushing 2-year degrees for almost 20-years because they’ve gone back to accommodating local workforce trends. Find your local/state workforce development board, look to see what’s in demand, where skills gaps are, and what’s being forecasted as demands. Some employers are now hiring right from tech schools and community colleges with salaries starting in the 60s and 70s. Students are only having to stay in college 18mos to 2-years tops, and they leave with little or no debt. At the end of the day, you’re going to school 2-4years to work the rest of your life. Make wise choices now so you don’t have to suffer in 15-20 years. America doesn’t care about young people. Or anyone for that matter.

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