This is the biggest issue with the label Black and our caste system/social order. We don't have the power to be what we believe we are, because Whiteness insists on defining everyone. Biracial and multiracial people are forced to pick what's best for them. If you pick the wrong choice, we see what happens to you, which is why so many biracial people choose to identify as Black.

Claiming the Black seems to make the burden of being Black a little lighter.

I feel as though being Black preps biracial children to do battle with the Whiteness in these streets. Whiteness coddles, protecting itself from the truth of itself, and it lies ...unless there are some good woke White folks who understand the challenges of being Black and they protect their children accordingly. Most times, I don't see that happening. I think biracial people should be taught to acknowledge their lineages. They also should be taught the world will see their beautiful Black faces as inhumane... and they should expect everything awful and punitive that comes with our Black labels.

We need to give White Supremacy their labels back. Thank you for sharing your ancestry and your identity with readers. Hopefully comments like these will help them understand the struggles we endure with the labels and identities we did not create.

White Supremacy never takes a day off.

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