This is the part that annoys me the most. He came here to be be served by people who this state deemed essential. People who run the risk of infecting their own families for the sake of our state’s enslavement economic system. I moved here 8 years ago and people have no how idea how challenging it is to survive here or to become upwardly mobile. This state’s economy was built on the rich exploiting the poor. It’s numerous games and schemes to lure folks here while leaving natives behind. White Supremacy and the Boston Tea Party is what comes to mind when I think about Florida, what it stands for, and how it mistreats its people. People come here with no clue of how things operate or how people truly live. They just want to be served by the invisible poor and then go back home. Says a lot about him that he’d come here during a pandemic for fun as we are in the fight of our lives against our stupid, racist governor DeSatan. He’s just the type of selfish ass that has America unable to contain the virus. The fact he could write such a stupid review without considering how it would also make him look says more about him than he’ll ever know.

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