This is very good. It is so hard to talk to White people about the things they do that are racist. Furthermore, it’s extremely difficult to keep up with the exhaustive, ever-evolving things they do to keep White Supremacy

I’m tired of being positive. If we don’t hit the right tones when talking about race, White people shut down. If it’s not pleasing or happy so they can remain comfortable, then we are the problems. I wrote an essay recently titled “Some Things A Lot Of White People Do” and boy, I got everything I identified in my piece and then some. I got so many racist rants and condescending comments I had to stop commenting. It’s as if these racist White people just can’t help themselves. To oppress and suppress is their jobs it seems. I’m not sure why that piece resonated so because I always write about race, but I guess this essay was personal to many White people.

So, thank you for understanding how covert racism (nice racism) works.

I’m happy to see more White people doing the work and teaching about the covert racial microaggressions of White Supremacy. It’s so much work out here for you lol.

It’s everywhere if you have eyes to see it.

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