This is very true, no matter the color. Being self-aware and monitoring social norms is key to being accepted into any space. Today, people fail to respect spaces and communities which can cause many issues.

Sometimes I struggle with this one, because some people tend to take the law into their hands, over-police when they could simply mind their own business. For instance, I have been fishing in the Gulf of Mexico and watched people feeding dolphins which is absolutely against the law. I didn’t call the wildlife commission. I didn’t report them. I could have, but I felt like those people knew it was against the law, yet they chose to break it. Not my business. I made the observation and chose not to engage. I have also seen people swimming with manatees which is also against the law. I just shook my head, and decided those people decided to take a chance and go to jail. Not my business. I left them be, hoping the animals weren’t harmed.

The problem with monitoring the behavior of others is that we don’t always take into consideration the times when we break the law and no one calls the cops on us. If someone’s life isn’t threatened, I mind my business. I’m not perfect. I don’t cause trouble, but should I decide to do something a little on the not perfect side (like speed, have two glasses of wine and drive home, taste grapes in the store, etc.), I don’t want someone to report me. It’s a fine line between social norm and being a busy-body, and I agree we all should call the cops on suspicious people or people doing harm to individuals or property. It’s just sometimes people cross the line. This is a good word, and we should all remember to key in on social norms whenever we leave our homes.

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