This made me feel so sad I just cried. I felt like I was funeralizing a something. I thought about all the things I've lost because of the bad behavior of people who did not value me. I'm as good as gold, but when I'm done, I'm done.

These last few years have been hard. For me it's been 12 years since Obama was elected. White people have... Showed. Their. Whole. Asses.

I can't believe how toxic people are. The things people say to you on social media and here on Medium. The threats. Even the tones. The audacity and boldness of White people has been something for the ages. There is no Re.

I ain't being friends with people who hate me. I'm not reaching across the aisle to racists because Black folks and Native Americans have 500 years worth of injustices, theft death, and discrimination America hasn't quite repented for, if ever. The disregard for science, and masks, and humanity. The disrespect of young children and the rapes and starving of their mothers. Our disregard for the elderly, sacrificing them for the virus, and the disrespect of healthcare workers who are brothers, sisters, spouses. The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT labeling Black Lives Matter an Identity Extremist Group while allowing White nationalists to roam free to kill, incite riots, and intimidate us all.

The only Re'ing I'll be doing is RE-membering this shit, this time period, all these words, our enemies, these stupid people, and never to allow it to hurt me or my children again.

I'm never forgetting America allowed this to happen. The words, those spoken and those that weren't but should have been. I'm Re-membering.

This was so sad. It's like therapy.

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