This makes a lot of sense. We all are picking our evils. I’m tired of that.

I would add that the entire health care model needs to be overhauled. Many hospitals are supposed to be nonprofit hospitals but may act in the same manner as for-profit models. They overcharge patients, and horde profits year after year, giving penny pinching hospital executives and business managers huge bonuses while neglecting hard working staff. The hospitals and clinicians should not be able to practice rogue capitalism with our healthcare system. But that’s exactly what has happened. It’s not just insurance, but it’s the greedy hospital CEOs and boards who have decided to cheat by using for-profit tactics under a IRS nonprofit designation.

ACA has lots of flaws (like the expensive EHRs-health record systems required to track and document patient interactions for profits) and low reimbursement rates that make serving patients covered by ACA not worth their while for physicians. Doctors have opted out of being providers (especially specialty care), leaving many people uncovered. The entire system needs to be overhauled. We need to look at the providers who charge the rates we expect insurers to cover. We’re missing a huge piece of the problem.

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