This means since the days of colonialism, Europeans and White people have practiced aparthied and racism here in the states. Every structure and institution we have are founded upon us being unequal. For 400-years we’ve been in a system where White people have ruled over us. Most White people don’t understand all the privileges they have and most don’t understand our national history enough to understand the various ways they contribute to maintaining the racist system(s) and philosophies, in particular White folks’ political ideologies.

White politics and White politicians chosen by mostly White people rule all of us. Both parties are racist and have harmed Black people though most White people would probably disagree. They vote racistly because they don’t understand how their votes, regardless of the party, harms non-White people.

The way White people operate from the day they are born until they day the die is centered around systems of Whiteness created by White people (unless they opt out of it). You may not intentional be or act racistly, but at anytime White people can act racistly because they belong to a system that allows them to if that makes sense.

Anti-racism journies are a lifetime walk. You’ll never know everything, it’s impossible to unlearn every racist thing you’ve been taught or conditioned to do because of your superiority in the system. Therefore, I believe every White person is racist. You must work to not be racist, and that’s hard, but it can be done.

Lastly, Black people are tired and believe all White people are racist because White people never change, never enough for us to feel meaningful change anyway. We can’t breathe, we can’t watch birds, we can’t walk, we can’t go to stores, we can’t vote, we can’t bank, we can’t work, we can’t go to school, we can’t live without coming in contact with racists. White people will let us get killed and require more evidence and even attempt to dismiss our petitions because your racism to not believe us is so ingrained in your psyches.

Even your distrust of our words when we tell you we are being harmed by your fellow White people is racist.

It doesn’t matter if White people believe they aren’t racist individually. Collectively, White men have been killing us for fun or because they had the right to for 400 years and getting away with it. If White people weren’t racists, this wouldn’t continue happening because they would have been working on decreasing the things they control personally to decrease/eliminate the problem.

White people raise racist kids by isolating them in White spaces with no color, reinforcing Black and Brown is bad. White people raise racists from the chute. Where you decide to live informs you. Where you’re educated informs you. Where you’re employed informs you. Where you worship informs you. Your extended families inform you. White people can’t escape racism. Instead of trying to find out how you aren’t racist, acknowledge all White people are and work on fixing it.

You can’t help acting racistly sometimes, but you can help being ignorant and doing nothing about it.

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