This perfectly summarizes my thoughts. Having watched sports for a long time, I have watched refs make mistakes, miss calls, and I know they also have the power to make decisions to give games a away when they have a favorite team or a team they dislike. Umpires aren’t always honest, and they don’t always judge with integrity in the same manners players sometimes play a little shady. They are human, and humans don’t always do the right things.

Sometimes, you have to lose to win, and I feel like Serena knew she was going to lose, but at this stage in her life there is more to life than winning a game. Her frustration was understandable. Sometimes we need to sacrifice in order to make powerful statements. That’s what Serena did in my opinion. It shouldn’t negate Osaka’s accomplishments either. We should be able to see the complexity of the match and the moment.

I feel like everything about the match is questionable now forever, and that’s unfortunate. I think we will be dissecting and debating this tennis match for a very long time. Thanks so much for your response.

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