This piece is so on point, and it’s so creepy. I try to give people the most graphic examples I can about how dangerous reality television is. It’s funny what happens when I do though. People still choose not to believe it. The victims have been groomed so well.

I used to work as children’s trauma center director assisting child victims of sexual assaults, and I tell people who consume the junk to compare reality television to how perpetrators groom young, unsuspecting victims before they assault them.

Reality television uses the same strategies pedophiles use to lure their victims. The methods to gain trust are different, but the outcomes are the same, to groom and get the next victim! That’s what reality has done to America.

The perp usually gets to live another day because so many people don’t even realize they were victimized until years late (hence the Apprentice is in the White House). Trauma from assaults can manifests in many ways and at various times stages in our lives. The same applies to reality television. The trauma from consuming, trusting, believing, following the powerful propaganda perpetrator has manifested itself throughout our society.

Too many people simply don’t believe it. They aren’t believing the victims (just like people often don’t in an assault occurred because often the perp knows how to cover their tracks, especially affluent perps) and viewers of reality television haven‘t recognized they too are victims of propaganda themselves. The perp has primary, secondary, and tertiary victims of their assaults. Those of who don’t watch reality television are also victims, because the people who do start acting out all of the bullshit the television churns out (i.e. getting a booty implant like Kim Kardashian, doing stupid stunts, making getting fired and humiliated from your job socially acceptable, stupid infomercials selling us snake oil, dance challenges, committing suicide, fighting and women calling each other bitches, making teen pregnancies glamorous, etc.).

Many conditioned minds choose to ignore signs of their trauma(s), which are the side effects of extended reality television assaults on our minds. Those of us not taking the bait have chosen to side with the perpetrators (tolerating reality television that is). Perps live on, yet another day, to harm their next victims, our children (future generations). I despise reality television, I could see where it was going when it first came out. It’s been down hill ever since the Real World and the birth of the 24-hour news cycle. I used to watch it, but then I started noticing the people who were on the shows were having terrible “real lives,” some even dying at very young ages. I knew then reality television was just like the entertainment industry. No one leaves unscathed.

Reality television has victimized us all. That junk has robbed a lot of us of our good common senses, and caused too many families harm. An idle mind is the really the devil’s workshop. People should really start using their own minds more, and watch television less.

Great Work once again Kitanya Harrison!

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