This story is so profound. I am not sure if it’s our environment, our food, our lifestyles but it sure seems more of us are getting ill younger than ever these days. I had a classmate who as a fitness buff just suddenly die this past week, and my friend’s young colleague who is a fitness buff have a devastating stroke after he came from the gym working out and cutting grass. He was a special agent, with very young kids like you sir.

I personally came to the conclusion years ago after spending years in foster care and with people who could care less about me that life is too short to chase things with no life and of no real intrinsic value. I am going to live until I die! I am not going to be saddled with debts, chase things or people that have no value, or involve myself with time wasting activities. I also practice self-preservation, to which I include children. We have so many things trying to take us out, we are literally fighting for mere existence. Enjoy strangers, family, and true friends. Impart wisdom when and where you can. Have great food. Spend money on memorable experiences and not “stuff.” Stop waiting for retirement and rainy days. Tomorrow is promised to no man. And death is not a respecter of age. Live every single day as if it is your last. Live, laugh, love and if you wake up the next day……………do it all again!

Thanks so much for sharing the story. It kept me up last night, but I have heard this story many times before. Sometimes stories like this helps us to things (life) in perspective. Wishing you a speedy recovery and a long fruitful life filled with love and endless possibilities. Sending you and your family a great big hug!


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